At-Ease is a hard wearing workstation mat. Manufactured by sealing two high-quality foam layers between commercial grade vulcanized rubber.

At-Ease provides excellent relief to workers in standing work areas and is the mat of choice for many retail and commercial applications.

Beveled edge on all 4 sides.

Part numbers:

46052640 60 x 91cm
46052645 60 x 153cm

At-Ease is the softest and most durable solution for tough demanding areas.

  • Dual-layer foams hermetically sealed in a shell for extreme wear resistance.
  • High-quality foams provide softness and comfort for leg and back relief.
  • Rib design provides light drainage and good chemical and slip resistance.

W: 60cm (2')

H: 20mm (7/8")

Wt: 12.21Kg/m² (2.5lbs/ft²)

Modules: 2'x3' | 2'x5'

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