Grip Rock - CLEAR OUT

Grip Rock - CLEAR OUT

Popular non-slip matting promotes safety - to maintain employee performance, decrease injury related time off, workers compensation claims, and accident related litigation. Place in areas just waiting for an accident to happen. Its highly textured surface is made from ceramic beads and crushed garnet with a fiberglass middle and a polyurethane backing.


Designed for use in coolers and freezers to prevent slips and falls. Thin enough to fit under the freezer door. Made with crushed garnet to provide maximum slip resistance. 1/8" thick. Standard mat sizes, rolls, or custom cut lengths.

Loose Lay or Adhere down*

* Unbacked version allows mat to be glued down for a more permanent application. Commonly used in such situations as incline ramps, stair treads, marine docks, construction walkways, or even amusement ride walkways. The cementing technique is similar to that of linoleum sheets or tile

Part numbers:

46503000 3' x 5'
46503100 3' x 10'
46503125 3' x 15'
46503150 3' x 20'
46503200 3' x 40'
  • Made with crushed garnet and ceramic beads for secure footing
  • Backing restricts creeping
  • Low profile eliminates tripping hazard and allows it to be placed under thresholds
  • Resists fungal & bacterial growth

W: 91cm (3')

L: 12m (40') Roll standard

H: 3mm (1/8")

Wt: 5.32kg/m² (1.09lbs/ft²)

Modules: 3'x5' | 3'x10' | 3'x15' | 3'x20'

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