Workstation - CLEAR OUT

Workstation - CLEAR OUT

Workstation has a wear foam layer for comfort with a checker plate embossed vinyl surface for added traction, abrasion and puncture resistance.

Of extremely high quality anti-fatigue mat, Workstation is manufactured by bonding a non-directional cast vinyl industrial surface to a high quality, 100% PVC vinyl foam base.

Workstation provides superior traction to prevent trips and falls and is resistant to many oils, lubricants and chemicals.

Workstation is the ideal choice to provide workers with comfort and relief in standing work areas.

Thanks to its anti-fatigue properties, it is ideal for medium use in dry commercial and workplace environments where standing is part of work function.

Available with or without yellow edging.

Heavy duty deck-top surface with impact absorbing base foam

  • Puncture resistant
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Checker plate embossed surface
  • Silicone free
  • Available with or without yellow safety edge along the length
  • Available in Cut to Length

W: 60cm (2') 91cm (3') 122cm (4')

L: 18m (60') Roll standard

H: 14mm (9/16")

Wt: 6.25kg/m² (1.28lbs/ft²)

Modules: 2'x3' | 3'x5'

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