Flexi Tred

Flexi Tred

Heavy-duty matting with a textured surface that insulates from electrical shock.

Flexi Tred is designed for workplaces where there's a risk of electrical shock and comfort is needed underfoot.

With a breakdown voltage of 27kV, Flexi Tred not only provides electrical resistance, but also withstands high levels of electrical interference. The textured rib surface is hard-wearing, easy to clean and provides good slip resistance.

It's also naturally resistant to acids, chemicals and oils, making it the ideal matting for manufacturing and production areas, as well as commercial environments where there's a high level of pedestrian traffic.

  • Extremely durable, heavy duty sheet vinyl matting for demanding applications
  • Textured slip resistant surface for added safety
  • Electrical insulation, breakdown voltage 27kv
  • Chemical, oil and acid resistant

W: 100 (3.3')

L: 10m (33') Roll standard

H: 4mm (5/32")

Wt: 4.2Kg/m² (0.8lbs/ft²)

Available in full roll