Gateway Brush Hog

Gateway Brush Hog

An aggressive external brush scraper system developed to remove the heaviest soiling from boots, shoes and wheels as they approach a building. It tackles snow, slush and mud and heavy levels of dirt; working well as a stand-alone module for entrances, or as part of an entrance flooring system combined with other Gateway products such as Gateway Plus, that will continue the cleaning and drying process within a building.

Gateway Brush is the most efficient first dirt barrier to a building as vigorous, parallel lines of soft nylon brushes are designed to remove maximum amounts of moisture and under-shoe dirt generated by people and wheeled traffic.

Manufactured from high quality, flexible PVC, which is easy to cut to size and shape, even around revolving doors, Gateway Brush can be loose laid and will naturally contour over paved areas and uneven surfaces whilst remaining stable.

  • Maximum combined moisture and undershoe dirt removal
  • Stylish appearance
  • Reduces noise levels by 32dB
  • 100% Nylon BCF carpet strips

W: 60cm (2') 91cm (3') 122cm (4')

L: 10m (33') Roll standard - (122cm - 5m roll only)

H: 14/19mm (9/16"-3/4")

Wt: 12.89kg/m² (2.64lbs/ft²)

Also available in 1/2 rolls and custom cuts

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