FlexiPath Covid-19

FlexiPath Covid-19

As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions begin to ease, many businesses face the challenge of continuing or restarting operations while complying with social distancing measures. Our Flexipath Covid-19 matting has delineated stand zones that allow customers, visitors and employees to easily observe physical distance rules.

Flexipath’s alternating colour blocks make it ideal for businesses with queuing customers, and workplaces with standing employees or frequent shift changeovers. The mat’s clear markers make it particularly perfect for production and processing facilities, as the equal colour blocks give team members a clear section in which to work. Flexible and lightweight, Flexipath is incredibly easy to install, and the open-grid construction means cleaning and maintenance are simple.

Flexible, one-piece construction

Open grid nonporous flexible PVC

Supplied in 80’ (24m) Rolls

Certified slip resistance (ASTM1677: 1.0/0.9)

Excellent drainage through open grid

Contours to any surface

Easily cleaned & resistant to most chemicals

Quick to install and move if needed

HEIGHT6mm (1/4” )
STANDARD ROLL OPTIONS24 x 0.45m (84’ x 18”)
24 x 0.6m (84’ x 2’)
24 x 0.91m (84’ x 3’)
WEIGHT0.76 lb/sq.ft (3.70 kg/m2)
Flexipath_EVO00240 Flexipath_EVO09843 Flexipath_EVO00057 Flexipath_EVO00052 Flexipath_EVO00306 Flexipath_EVO00217 Flexipath_EVO09837 Flexipath_EVO00296 Flexipath_EVO00032 Flexipath_EVO00275 Flexipath_EVO00287