Purpose designed for wave simulators/surfing machines, the large open grid and soft vinyl of Pillogrid combines phenomenal drainage with a soft landing.

Placed over metal grates at the back and front of such machines, Pillogrid matting keeps surfers safe while riding wave simulators.

Large roll format further adds to safety by removing the need for joints in action areas.

Can be supplied in factory welded panels for quick and easy installation.

  • High volume drainage
  • Soft vinyl construction
  • Hollow tube cushioning format
  • 'D' profile for maximum weld strength
  • Supplied in rolls or fabricated panels

W: 91cm (3') 100cm (3.3')

L: 10m (33') Roll standard

H: 20mm (7/8")

Wt: 7.1kg/m² (1.45lbs/ft²)

Available in full roll