Gateway is available in a standard 14mm (9/16") thickness and also in a low profile version of 10mm 3/8". At this height, Gateway 10 aligns with standard ceramic floor tiles and carpets in recessed applications to avoid the need and expense of creating a deeper mat well in an existing subfloor in order to accommodate the entrance matting system.

  • Highly effective ‘clean and scrape’ design
  • Open grid allows debris to fall through
  • Heel proof, slip resistant
  • Suitable for all wheeled traffic

W: 60cm (2') 91cm (3') 100cm (3.3') 122cm(4')

L: 10m (33') Roll standard

H: 14mm (9/16")

H*: 10mm (3/8")

Wt: 10.89kg/m² (2.23lbs/ft²)

Wt*: 8.79kg/m² (1.80lbs/ft²)

Also available in 1/2 rolls and custom cuts

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