Gateway SB Plus

Gateway SB Plus

With a solid backing and 8mm overall height, Gateway SB Plus’s has added absorbent inserts with monofilament scrapers that remove moisture at the entrance, providing clean and dry all in one movement.

Gateway SB Plus’s flexible PVC composition allows for easy cutting on site to fit any shape.

Its hollow ribbed construction makes it light to handle during installation yet sturdy enough to be heel and wheel proof.

Additionally, the 6.5mm overall height eliminates the requirement for a recessed mat well.

The ribbed top surface and solid backing combination allows for the containment of debris out of the traffic area, whilst the solid backing facilitates bonding to subfloors.

Also available in Charcoal Grey.

Surface mounted 'scrape, clean and dry' entrance flooring system

  • 6.5mm open ribbed, solid back construction
  • Hollow construction for lighter weight
  • Specially formulated absorbent inserts
  • High R11 rating for slip resistance under DIN 51130
  • Heel and wheel proof system
  • Containment of dirt
  • Eliminates need for recessed mat well
  • Available in Cut to Length

W: 100cm (3.3")

L: 10m (33') Roll standard

H: 6.5/8mm

Wt: 7.13kg/m² (1.46lbs/ft²)

Also available in 1/2 rolls and custom cuts